Successful completion of a significant project for a site remediation through a safe and quality implementation in a highly regulated environment. This project required the removal of asbestos contaminated soil and decontamination of the industrial site including buildings and machinery and rectification of the site.

Scope of Works

The project required removal of asbestos contaminated material from the site. Once completed the internal office space and all furniture and fittings, workshop building, fittings, lights, tools, pallets and overhead cranes and all machines  were required to be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. To complete the project the site then needed to be restored to allow tenants to resume use of the facility.

Key Project milestones

  • Commitment to safety and quality of our staff and for the customer. No LTIs or MTIs and NSW Worksafe asbestos certified. Highly skilled team required to meet the standard required.
  • Project completed on time, on budget and with zero rectification notices.

Stage 1 Removal of Contaminated material

  • 220+ tonnes of asbestos contaminated material removed from site

Stage 2 Deep Cleaning and Decontamination of site

  • +200 sqm of internal office space and furniture cleaned and decontaminated
  • > 4,000 sqm of hardstand area decontaminated
  • > 20,000 sqm of workshop building, fittings, lights, tools, pallets and overhead cranes decontaminated
  • 150 machines decontaminated including the internal cabins ranging from .5 electric forklifts to 40t forklifts.

Stage 3 Completed Remediation of Site

  • +90 tonnes hand applied asphalt at depths from 50mm to 75mm
  • Over 200 tonnes of back fill and compaction with DGB

Guncrete E application for retaining wall