Focused on collecting and recycling the contaminant metals in by-product waste residues from manufacturing processes, Hydromet is a vital service in the industrial Illawarra.

Processing and storing battery acid, Hydromet’s expanding requirements necessitated construction of a new acid storage shed, while the existing facility continued operation.

The new shed needed to be EPA and Safework compliant, with a base that was structurally sound for heavy loading and potential acid spills. Donnelley Civil was engaged for the design and construction of both the bunded concrete slab and shed.

The greatest challenge in planning the project came from a combination of requiring a slab that was both strong enough to handle the shed’s weight at maximum capacity, while being large enough to expand Hyrdomet’s capability.

To meet the challenge, the knowledge of local specialist contractors was employed. The contractors ranged from design and consulting engineers to structural steel fabricators and roofers.

The slab was strengthened with higher grade concrete. The underlying material, a stabilised roadbase, was crushed and re-used. In concert, these created a high strength base.

Specially designed trusses and purlins were used to maximise space. With this design Donnelley Civil was able to construct a shed with columns at the corners, leaving a clear interior span on the whole slab. To satisfy containment volume, a concrete bund was constructed which acted doubly as a thickened plinth for the roof columns.
Additionally, a ramped entrance was built allowing for ease of access for the forklifts and other machinery.

The result is a clear, open span shed; stronger than the existing and with greater storage capacity. Hydromet was provided with a fully functioning facility satisfying internal and EPA requirements.

With minimal disruptions to the day to day functioning of the plant, the project was delivered on time and under budget with no safety or environmental incidents on site, and with no rework required.

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