Holy Spirit College Bellambi is a growing comprehensive Catholic Secondary School on the NSW South Coast, empowering students from years seven to 12 to reach their potential.

A two-storey convent was built in 1966 as a residence for Sisters teaching at the school. Later used as the Catholic Education Office’s Planning Dept, the school increasingly relied on the building but found it did not meet emerging needs.

Engaged to conduct the demolition and prepare the site for a new construction, Donnelley Civil worked with QOH Architects on the project. The brief was to restore the ground to level, demolish the building without damage to adjoining construction and to manage all ensuing waste.

The demolition needed to be quick and quiet. Taking place within a residential area, a strict time frame during school holidays would prevent disruption to students. Installing noise barriers and consulting with the school to ensure works could begin as soon as the bell rang, Donnelley Civil’s demolition supervisor’s priority was safety and efficiency.

With no damage to the adjoining building, the building was razed and waste quickly removed. Dust and noise suppression created in consultation with residents ensured the project ran on good terms with neighbours.

Completed and with a level surface delivered for incoming construction teams, the project was delivered on time and on budget. Over 80 per cent of waste was recycled, a win for both Donnelley Civil and the client.

The site has since become the home of a new building, offering students and teachers an additional facility as the school continues to grow.

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